About us

"Find a Job You Love and You'll Never Work A Day In Your Life."

I firmly believe that Everything happens for a reason and in the end, everything turns out exactly how its supposed to happen. Fluegels Boutique and Embroidery is one of those things that perfectly fell into place for me, and it has been a blessing ever since. 

This business has given me the opportunity to get to know community members and their families. Having the opportunity to embrace my community has always been extremely important to me, and because of this I have a kid friendly store. 

Fluegels has also given me a platform to be able to support others in need. Throughout the past 3 years I have developed "Black Dress For A Cause". This event raises money for a local organization that helps woman and children who are in need within the community. I have helped raise almost $30,000 by developing this charity event. 

I love how a piece of clothing can make someone feel so much better, you can see it in their face. Clothing is such a personal experience and I love being able to provide an atmosphere that helps others feel good about themselves.